Who is Fergus & what's with the cat?

Fergus & The Cat is a Brisbane label that is all about rad unisex handmade bow ties. Totally different to anything else out there, our bow ties feature a leather strap that secures with a buckle around your neck. It can be adjusted to your neck size and hides neatly under the collar of your shirt. We think sustainable fashion design is dope and therefore we focus on using vintage, found and up-cycled materials in our creations. This means Fergus & The Cat customers can sport their funky new neck threads knowing that they not only look damn good, but are doing good for the planet! Oh and the coolest thing that has ever happened to us is chart topping Aussie band Sheppard wearing one of our designs to the Arias last year! Woo!
Fergus & The Cat was founded in 2013 by Brisbane gal Sheridan Ferguson, “Fergus came about from a desire to come up with a sustainable solution for a personal problem of mine: having too much stuff but not wanting to chuck any of it out! I had all of these awesome clothes and accessories from seasons past, hand-me-downs, soft furnishing materials, vintage fabrics and left-overs from sewing projects that I didn’t want to just dump in a vinnies bin or trash. It only took dressing as “Cat In The Hat” for a costume party for a lightbulb to go nuts with an idea. I had hacked an old red skirt to create a bow tie to complete my outfit and that’s when I realised “ooooo hold up, bow ties is totes guna be ma thannng!” 

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