Oh hey! What's doing? Haha, I'm impressed (and incredibly grateful) you actually took the time to click through and suss my pathetic cry for help. You're a good egg.


Aight, I'm trying to quickly gather as many snaps of people's pets as I can for an urgent marketing activity for Fergus & The Cat.


  • Crisp, "well-taken" photos of your dog or cat. (Ie, don't send me pixelated shit with awful lighting).
  • Front on shots, with their neck relatively visible.
  • No people in the shots.
  • Any photos you send me must be taken by yourself (Ie, they can't be professional photographer shots or used by any other brand.)


  1. Email your photo (as best resolution as it was taken in) to: fergusandthecat@hotmail.com
  2. In your email copy the below paragraph and fill in the blanks (for legal purposes and because I don't want people coming after me).
  3. Go pour yourself a drink and celebrate how happy you've made me.
  4. Don't drive anywhere at least for an hour.

"I, (YOUR NAME) give permission for this photo of my pet to be used for however long necessary in all advertising required for the brand. I promise this is my pet and that this is a photo taken by me. I give permission for this photo to be edited, enhanced and shared as Fergus & The Cat sees fit. My pet's name is (YOUR PET'S NAME)."

**If you want to be tagged on Instagram please include your Instagram handle.**


  • I had an idea. Every chance it'll flop. So don't expect much haha.
  • Pretty please don't be offended if your photo isn't used! I have to be quite selective on content to use in order to maintain brand integrity.
  • I don't need this shared to the millions. I'm actually trying to keep it kind of low key. BUT if you have a mate who is bat-shit cray obsessed with their pet, and know they'd definitely have 1000's of killer photos that they'd be excited to share ... then by all means shoot them this link and let them know :)